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I would highly recommend that any veteran with a VA disability claim utilize the professional services of Wettermark Keith. More specifically seek the assistance of Joley Dixon. She is a true expert in this field. I am so pleased with the help I received. - Dalma
I was denied VA disability benefits in 2022. I, being a combat medic in Vietnam, was exposed to agent orange. Ended up with rectal cancer and prostate cancer, both were denied. At that point, I contacted Wettermark Kieth's attorneys. Joley N Dixon, Esq. was the VA attorney that I used through their office. I received 100 percent disability for both claims. I am happy and well pleased with this office and work provided by Joley N Dixon, Esq. Thanks!!! - Frelon
Joley and her team went above and beyond to ensure I was taken care of. The VA system is hard to navigate and with the expertise of her team, I was able to obtain a 100% VA rating. I never felt like I was just another case, the approach seemed to cater to me personally. If you have any doubts that you can obtain 100% and your conditions warrant that rating, do not hesitate to reach out and talk to Joley and her team. - Jason
In a time where quality customer service is nearly non-existent, I would like to let people know about the outstanding customer service I’ve received from the Wettermark Keith Veterans Affairs Attorneys; specifically, Ms. Joley Dixon. I am an Air Force veteran with nearly 12 years of active-duty service that has been out since 1998 and had never previously filed a claim. After fellow co-workers convinced me to pursue disabilities that were documented, I attempted to go the road alone. I quickly found out that the VA was not there to assist, and after numerous attempts and denials, I had all but given up hope. This is where the Wettermark Keith Law Firm (i.e., Ms. Dixon) quite literally changed everything. Ms. Dixon has been my attorney for nearly two and a half years. Without her tenacity and knowledge of VA law, I would be just another veteran lost in the shuffle. I have had to seek legal help at other times in my life, and have never had an experience like this. Her availability and willingness to continually go the extra mile is remarkable. The crazy part about all of this is that I’ve never physically met her, nor stepped foot in the Wettermark Keith office. If you’re reading this I have to ask, “When does that ever happen?”. Quite simply, it doesn’t. For 99.9% of people, if you’re out of sight, then you’re out of mind. Ms. Dixon stays in constant communication with you every step of the way. Joley’s efforts have changed my life and the lives of my children. From a person that was at zero percent to an individual that now receives 60% disability benefits, she continues to fight for me and I am forever grateful. So, if you’re looking for a VA attorney, hopefully, I’ve ended your search. Forever Grateful. -Shawn
Amber Osborne was just awesome in handling my case with the Veterans Administration. She walked through step by step with me during the process. All the hearings and paperwork, she was right there by my side and never left me hanging. There's no way I could have gotten through this process without her as my attorney. I'm truly grateful and thankful for her expertise and professionalism and proud to call her my Attorney. - Frank
As a Veteran, I want to thank Amber Osborne for her outstanding support in my VA disability case. She was there with me every step of the way! I encourage any vets going through the VA system to give them a shout. - Mike
Hello, I received my fully favorable disability decision today! I can't thank my attorney Amber Osborne enough. My case was weak. I didn't have a lot of medical records. She prepped me before the hearing and reeled me in when I was talking too much to the judge. Very smart lawyer! Would highly recommend this law firm for any of your legal problems. A few days before the hearing I was going to back out, but Miss Osborne said let's go for it! So happy I listened to my lawyer😁 - Kelly
Amber Osbourne is awesome and amazing and very understanding at what she does. The team of Wettermark & Keith were over the top in helping me get my disability. I thank u again. - Mercedes
Amberleigh N Osborne, Represented me above and beyond. She is very exceptional, professional, and personable. I found her knowledge of the process very helpful. She went above and beyond what I expected, I would absolutely recommend her to anyone seeking legal help. I cannot say enough about what an exceptional job she did in representing me and helping me with my case. - Carl
Everyone at this firm has treated me and my with the upmost respect. I will always use Wettermark Keith and a big thanks to Amber Osborne and Lauren Cotton. - Richard
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