Veterans Disability Lawyers | VA Disability Appeals

Veterans Disability Lawyers | VA Disability Appeals

Fighting For Those Who Fought For Us First

Fighting For Those Who Fought For Us First

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VA Benefits Attorneys

The U.S military maintains a sacred commitment to leave no one behind on the battlefield. However, once veterans shed their uniforms and leave the military for civilian life, many are left behind by our country's institutions. 13 percent of America's homeless served in her armed forces. Too often, our veterans receive little to no help with treating mental and physical disabilities sustained in service. These brave men and women struggle to manage chronic pain and other service-related injuries while simultaneously grappling with mental illnesses like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which can lead towards substance abuse. Facing a diminished capacity to work and the psychological challenges of readjusting to and navigating civilian life, it can be extremely difficult for veterans to access proper health care and pay their bills without aid.

Veterans often have to fight through the layers of corruption and bureaucracy in the Department of Veterans Affairs to obtain the financial compensation they're entitled to. After a lengthy process of paperwork and hoop-jumping, veterans often see their legitimate claims denied for invalid reasons, with filing an appeal their only recourse. It’s deeply demoralizing to risk your life for your country, only for your country to turn its back on you when you're at your most vulnerable. At Wettermark Keith, we understand the pain and frustration you’re going through, and we want to represent you to get the help you deserve.

Let Our Veteran Disability Lawyers Fight for You.

Are you a veteran suffering from a disability sustained by your service in the military? You no longer have to suffer alone. Let us help you in your fight to obtain the VA disability benefits you deserve.

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You Don’t Have

 To Do This Alone

We’ll Help You with Your Veterans Disability Claim Appeals

At Wettermark Keith, our primary goal in representing VA clients is to ensure they get the best compensation possible. This can be in terms of financial benefits, medical coverage, insurance, or any other form of compensation that helps you manage your disability and take care of your family. Unlike other firms that promise you legal aid to help with your case but fail to deliver, Wettermark Keith attorneys keep their word - we only take on a limited number of clients to ensure the best representation possible.

Don’t just settle for a standard lawyer

It is absolutely essential that you find an outstanding lawyer for your veterans disability claims and appeals. After all, the results of your claim will make up a substantial part of your livelihood. Wettermark Keith attorneys are highly successful in handling VA claims and appeals. We understand each veteran’s case is different and are able to develop a unique plan for each in order to obtain the best outcome possible. Excellent representation by our attorneys will increase your chances of getting your claim and appeal approved, while ensuring you receive compensation for your sacrifices.


Why Choose 

Wettermark Keith Attorneys?


experienced &

Wettermark Keith attorneys have over 50 years of combined experience handling legal cases. We have successfully represented thousands of clients in the appeals process. If you are in need of help, our disability benefits lawyers have a deep understanding of the VA legal system and can help you navigate the complicated, bureaucratic, and sometimes hostile process of filing and appealing VA claims. We also stay up to date on the latest VA law changes and can advise you accordingly on the best approach for an appeal following any amendment, for optimal results.

We work on a

fee basis

Are you out of money, but in dire need of quality representation for a VA benefits appeal? No problem. Our veterans disability attorneys work on a contingent fee basis. This means you don’t pay us a dime for your appeal until we’ve won your case and you’re awarded benefits. Since our pay is contingent on the results we deliver, you can rest assured our motivations are aligned with yours and we’ll fight tooth and nail to ensure you’re adequately compensated.

We assign a

 devoted team to
Expedite Your Case

When you choose Wettermark Keith you are assigned highly dedicated veterans disability lawyers who go out of their way to prepare for your case and ensure your appeal is heard as soon as possible. We will not file any actions that might delay your hearing unless they’re absolutely necessary. Our goal is to ensure you receive your social security disability and other benefits in the shortest time frame possible.

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I'm a 26-year veteran of the United States Air Force. My career job was as an aircraft mechanic. My first tour of duty was at Kadena Airbase Japan from 1973-1975. After several years of service in the year 2000, I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, which is on the VA list of presumptive diseases caused by exposure to Agent Orange. In 2011 I filed a claim for Multiple Myeloma due to jet fuel exposure but was denied. In 2018 I learned that Agent Orange was used on Kadena Airbase in the 1960s -the mid-'70s for weed control and then only learned later that several hundred 55-gallon barrels of the Agent were unearthed. At that time, I refiled and kept getting the run around, so I went to Wettermark Keith. Brian Smith and his Paralegal Laura Blankley took my case and worked tirelessly throughout the process, keeping me updated continuously and always answering my questions. If not for their hard work and dedication to justice, I would not have won my case. I recommend Wettermark Keith for any kind of case one may have.

Lonnie B.

I appreciate Wettermark Keith's help and support over the past few years. They have gone above and beyond what their job requires them to do with my case. They have shown me that good people still exist.

Seth W.

Everyone at this firm has treated me and my with the upmost respect. I will always use Wettermark Keith and a big thanks to Amber Osborne and Lauren Cotton.


I would highly recommend that any veteran with a VA disability claim utilize the professional services of Wettermark Keith. More specifically seek the assistance of Joley Dixon. She is a true expert in this field. I am so pleased with the help I received.


I was denied VA disability benefits in 2022. I, being a combat medic in Vietnam, was exposed to agent orange. Ended up with rectal cancer and prostate cancer, both were denied. At that point, I contacted Wettermark Kieth's attorneys. Joley N Dixon, Esq. was the VA attorney that I used through their office. I received 100 percent disability for both claims. I am happy and well pleased with this office and work provided by Joley N Dixon, Esq. Thanks!!!


Joley and her team went above and beyond to ensure I was taken care of. The VA system is hard to navigate and with the expertise of her team, I was able to obtain a 100% VA rating. I never felt like I was just another case, the approach seemed to cater to me personally. If you have any doubts that you can obtain 100% and your conditions warrant that rating, do not hesitate to reach out and talk to Joley and her team.


In a time where quality customer service is nearly non-existent, I would like to let people know about the outstanding customer service I’ve received from the Wettermark Keith Veterans Affairs Attorneys; specifically, Ms. Joley Dixon. I am an Air Force veteran with nearly 12 years of active-duty service that has been out since 1998 and had never previously filed a claim. After fellow co-workers convinced me to pursue disabilities that were documented, I attempted to go the road alone. I quickly found out that the VA was not there to assist, and after numerous attempts and denials, I had all but given up hope. This is where the Wettermark Keith Law Firm (i.e., Ms. Dixon) quite literally changed everything. Ms. Dixon has been my attorney for nearly two and a half years. Without her tenacity and knowledge of VA law, I would be just another veteran lost in the shuffle. I have had to seek legal help at other times in my life, and have never had an experience like this. Her availability and willingness to continually go the extra mile is remarkable. The crazy part about all of this is that I’ve never physically met her, nor stepped foot in the Wettermark Keith office. If you’re reading this I have to ask, “When does that ever happen?”. Quite simply, it doesn’t. For 99.9% of people, if you’re out of sight, then you’re out of mind. Ms. Dixon stays in constant communication with you every step of the way. Joley’s efforts have changed my life and the lives of my children. From a person that was at zero percent to an individual that now receives 60% disability benefits, she continues to fight for me and I am forever grateful. So, if you’re looking for a VA attorney, hopefully, I’ve ended your search. Forever Grateful.



Amber Osborne was just awesome in handling my case with the Veterans Administration. She walked through step by step with me during the process. All the hearings and paperwork, she was right there by my side and never left me hanging. There's no way I could have gotten through this process without her as my attorney. I'm truly grateful and thankful for her expertise and professionalism and proud to call her my Attorney.


Amberleigh N Osborne, Represented me above and beyond. She is very exceptional, professional, and personable. I found her knowledge of the process very helpful. She went above and beyond what I expected, I would absolutely recommend her to anyone seeking legal help. I cannot say enough about what an exceptional job she did in representing me and helping me with my case.


Amber Osbourne is awesome and amazing and very understanding at what she does. The team of Wettermark & Keith were over the top in helping me get my disability. I thank u again.


Hello, I received my fully favorable disability decision today! I can't thank my attorney Amber Osborne enough. My case was weak. I didn't have a lot of medical records. She prepped me before the hearing and reeled me in when I was talking too much to the judge. Very smart lawyer! Would highly recommend this law firm for any of your legal problems. A few days before the hearing I was going to back out, but Miss Osborne said let's go for it! So happy I listened to my lawyer😁


We Help Veterans

Get the VA Disability Benefits They Deserve

Types of Benefits for Ex-Military Personnel:

The department of Veterans Affairs has several programs providing medical, financial, and other forms of assistance to veterans. You can apply to any of the available programs to get the following benefits:

Group 142
Service Connected

Disability Compensation

This refers to a tax-free monthly payment offered to veterans who suffered an injury or disability in the course of their service. To qualify for these benefits you need to prove that your injuries happened after you enrolled, and thus are not your fault.

Group 202

Connected Pension

This is a disability compensation offered to veterans with conditions that existed before enrollment but were significantly aggravated by their time in service. Since the US government is not at fault for the initial injuries and disabilities, it imposes stricter requirements for these veterans benefits.

Group 203
Widows and Widowers

of Deceased Veterans

The VA offers compensation in the form of survivors pension to widows and widowers of deceased veterans provided they meet certain criteria such as: 

Let our VA & Social Security Disability Professionals Help You Today With Your VA Disability

To determine your eligibility status before applying for VA disability, consult our counsel for more comprehensive information. Depending on your case, our veterans lawyer may suggest you start by submitting an intent to file form first to allow us sufficient time to gather the necessary evidence for you and also increase your chances of getting retroactive disability payments from a particular date in the past. In case you filed a disability claim by yourself and it was denied we can have the case reopened and help you with the appeals process.

The Cost of Hiring a Veterans Disability Benefits Lawyer

If you’ve spent time in the military and are looking to hire a VA disability lawyer, you don’t have to worry about raising money for attorney fees. Per law, veterans disability benefits attorneys work on a contingent basis. This means their costs and other legal expenses are to be obtained from the benefits they help you secure from your veterans disability case. This applies to all legal processes attorneys undertake, including appeals.

If you’re concerned about losing a large portion of your compensation to a personal injury law firm, don’t be. The maximum agreed upon percentage to be deducted per veteran is capped at 20 percent. This amount is sent directly to your veterans disability attorneys from the VA offices and you keep the rest. There are also no upfront costs for any consultations. So, there’s no harm in scheduling a one-on-one meeting with a VA attorney to learn more about how they can help you with your claim application or appeal.

Our VA Disability Attorney Costs

Wettermark Keith attorneys work on a contingent fee basis, charging only a maximum of 20 percent for veteran benefits. This is for initial claims, appeals, and any other legal work. You can also gain access to our vast injury law resources at no extra or hidden cost.

Most Common

Physical & Mental Disabilities

Understanding some of the main disabilities claimed by veterans can help you start the process of claiming your disabilities—both mental and physical.

Keep in mind there are other disabilities you can claim besides those listed below. This is just the tip of the iceberg of disabilities and the range with which you can claim within your benefits.

Be sure to research what disabilities can be claimed and how much depending on the circumstance.

Tinnitus is a condition where veterans hear persistent phantom ringing, buzzing, whistling, chipping, or hissing noises in one or both ears. Veterans who experienced combat or worked in fields such as aeronautics are highly susceptible to this disability due to the nature of their work.

This refers to hearing loss that affects both ears. It usually affects veterans who experienced war and combat, and can either occur gradually or come on suddenly, depending on whether the individual had any other underlying illnesses.

Short for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, this psychiatric disorder is brought about by experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event such as a serious accident, war, or combat. PTSD is ranked among the top psychological issues affecting veterans and is usually characterized by intense flash backs, anxiety, combative/protective behavior, difficulty establishing trust, and loss of interest in previously enjoyable activities, to name a few.

In general, veterans exposed to war and combat who have sustained multiple injuries from fires or explosions are more likely to have burn scars, with negative body image as a result. This places them at a higher risk for depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, among other mental illnesses.

This disability is characterized by a deformity that occurs around the knee, resulting in an inability to straighten or bend the knee fully. To determine a percent disability rating and the consequent the amount of compensation issued, the VA uses an instrument called a goniometer to assess the range of motion of the veterans’ knees.

This injury, caused by repeated trauma and overuse, affects the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the neck and lower back, leading to pain and limited mobility. Veterans unable to work or hold down employment due to service-connected lumber and cervical strains can apply for special monthly VA disability compensation as well as total disability benefits based on individual unemployability.

Paralysis of the sciatic nerve can occur due to direct trauma or inappropriate use of tools. For veterans who are engaged in combat this often implies improper handling of weapons of war. This injury leads to debilitating pain in the lower back, coupled with a tingling, burning sensation that extends down one of the legs.

This common veteran injury causes joint restriction that hinders mobility and prevents the ankle from bearing weight. Symptoms include pain around the ankle, swelling, bruising, walking with a limp, and loss of balance. occurs on the ankle that causes joint restriction thus hindering mobility and preventing the ankle from performing its weight-bearing function. Common systems for veterans include pain around the ankle, swelling, bruising, walking with a limp, and loss of balance.

Veterans who are often exposed to excessive noise - as well as intense and stressful situations  -  can develop traumatic brain injury. This injury can severely downgrade your quality of life with frequent migraines and headaches. To be eligible for VA disability benefits, veterans must provide medical records from a qualified medical professional who diagnoses migraines.

Veterans who suffer trauma to the arms are at a high risk of developing weakness and nerve damage that severely restricts the movement of their arms. A medical test performed by the VA can assess the extent to which veterans can raise both their dominant and non-dominant arms.

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Let our Veterans Disability Lawyers Help You
Contact Wettermark Keith Today

Are you a veteran who suffers from any of the above physical and mental disabilities? Let us help you with your claim.

We have a deep understanding of the VA application and appeal process and are determined to guide you to the best outcome possible. When applying or appealing for VA disability insurance and other forms of compensation you need the most experienced veterans disability attorney to represent you and increase your chances of success. Take the first step and contact us today to chat with our attorneys and gain access to our vast resources. Wettermark Keith is ready to help you get the medical and financial assistance you need, and we look forward to serving you like you served us.

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Learn How to Get the Most Out of Your Benefits

When appealing for disability insurance and other forms of compensation, you need the best disability lawyers to increase your chances of success.

Let us help you with your claim. We have a deep understanding of the VA application and appeal process to guide you to the best outcome possible.

Contact us today to chat with our attorneys and access our vast veteran's law resources. We look forward to serving you.

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