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Veteran Disability Lawyer Huntsville | VA Law and Disability Attorneys

Are you a veteran, or a group of veterans in Huntsville, or the greater US who’ve had your VA claims denied and are looking to appeal? Consider partnering with Wettermark Keith attorneys to help you increase your chances of success. Our veterans lawyers are highly experienced in handling VA appeals and can work on your behalf to get you the best possible outcome.

We can help you appeal for Huntsville VA benefits such as home loans, financial support, life insurance, pension, Veteran Readiness and Employment (VR&E), and more. Our professionals can also help you gather the necessary supporting documents required, such as your test results from a clinic or medical center before and after the date you joined the service.

Furthermore, the attorney we assign you will assist you with your appeal by going through your application and pointing out any errors that may cause it to be rejected or point to unnecessary information that may complicate or delay the VA appeals process.

The Best Way to Find a Disability Lawyer to Fight for Your Legal Appeal

For the best legal assistance with your VA appeal, you need to consider the following when hiring a US veterans disability attorney.

The National Organization of Veterans Advocates (NOVA) contains a directory of all VA accredited attorneys in Huntsville who can practice before the US Court of Veterans Appeal. These Huntsville representatives undergo annual veterans benefits training and are only listed after they’ve been a member of the veterans organization for at least one year.

This inquires about the lawyer’s level of experience. It’s best to avoid a veterans attorney who’s new and pick a more experienced counsel member, especially if your VA appeal has complexities that a young inexperienced attorney may not know how to handle.

The more experienced the security disability attorney, the higher the chances of your appeal being successful.

Just because a veterans lawyer has a lot of experience handling VA cases doesn’t necessarily mean they also have a high success rate handling these types of cases.

For the best outcomes ask the veterans lawyer about their success rate in handling initial appeals and other subsequent appeals. This will help you better gauge their competency.

Find a veterans attorney who is willing to work with you all the way to the highest Veterans Court of Appeals, if necessary. Start by checking if they’re VA accredited, have sufficient experience in this niche, and have a positive track record handling VA disability claims cases.

Take your time and do your due diligence before you settle on a security disability lawyer. That’s because you don’t want to keep switching counsel as this can cost you valuable time getting the new veterans attorney up to speed. Switching counsel may also cost you more on the financial front since each veterans firm has its own unique pricing.

The Wettermark Keith Process

At Wettermark Keith we ensure all our veterans disability attorneys are VA accredited and undergo regular VA benefits training. We also assign lawyers to veterans based on the complexity of their cases.

Veterans claims cases that may prove to be tedious are assigned to lawyers with the most experience and with the highest success rate for the best outcome. This way, we ensure you get the absolute best representation.

Veterans Who Comply With the Following Criteria Can Establish a Service-Connected Claim in Alabama:

1. Veteran Status

If the Alabama VFW post veteran received an honorable discharge or a general discharge under honorable conditions (which means they underwent some minor disciplinary actions but still met the service requirements), they are eligible to appeal for VA benefits. Per the law, however, Huntsville veterans with an Other than Honorable (OTH) discharge are ineligible and should not make any service-connected veterans appeals.

2. Existence of a Current Disability

It sounds obvious, but the veteran needs to prove they have a disability to meet the benchmark for eligibility by the VA.

3. Service treatment records and supporting statements

For this, they need to get a professional medical diagnosis followed by paperwork detailing all their symptoms and connecting them to an event they experienced while in the military. It’s crucial that any veteran medical evaluation and diagnosis be performed by an Alabama medical professional or a person with specialized education and knowledge for the treatment records to be considered competent evidence.

4. A connection between the veteran’s present disability and their time in active service

Huntsville military veterans must prove they suffer a disability due to an injury or disease contracted while in service. Unfortunately, the VA will not render benefits to veterans suffering pain that can’t be attributed to a particular event that happened while they were in the military.

5. Degree of Disability VA benefits are usually determined based on the degree of disability

VA benefits are usually determined based on the degree of disability. There are 4 main disability ratings. A veteran must fall in any of the chosen 4 to be eligible for benefits.

For instance, for total security disability benefits or security disability insurance, a Huntsville veteran needs to have either a single disability with a VA disability rating of 60 percent, or a single disability with a VA disability rating of 40 percent but also have other disabilities totaling a cumulative disability rating of 70 percent or more.

The disability ratings are usually determined based on the submitted medical reports.

In contrast, veterans assigned a medical disability rating of 0 percent are not eligible for any form of veterans benefits.

If you suffer from sleep apnea or any other serious conditions, consult your veterans attorney to assist you with your VA appeal so that you get a disability rating that reflects your condition and the rightful amount of compensation.

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At Wettermark Keith we support veterans with unsuccessful claims looking to appeal for disability benefits. Our firm is ready to help you whenever you’re ready so you don’t have to fight this battle alone.

Any veteran can appeal a rejected VA disability claim independently and sometimes get compensated. However, the amount they receive may not always match the level of their disability.

By hiring a competent VA disability lawyer, you have a greater chance of raising your disability rating, if your condition warrants it, and getting more compensation to help tend to your medical and financial needs.

Veteran lawyers can help you with your appeal by:

(a) Helping you understand if your degree of disability qualifies for compensation.

(b) Helping you understand all the medical aspects of your claim.

(c) Helping you search and gather all the necessary paperwork and adequately fill in any appeal forms.

(d) Helping you utilize appropriate means to expedite your veterans appeals process within the legal framework.

Are you strapped for cash and concerned about paying for a VA attorney? Don’t be.

There are no upfront fees for VA representation.

Most VA disability lawyers work on a contingent basis which means they only get paid a percentage of your past-due benefits once you receive them. This basically means you don’t pay until they win your appeal.

The rates are typically 20 percent for veterans and social security appeals though some firms can charge up to 30 percent or higher depending on the case's complexity.

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